No More Louis!

21-Apr-2020 • Paris France

Louis Vuitton in Paris

A couple of blogs ago, I wrote about Louis Vuitton and how much I have been salivating over their leather goods.  Truth be told, I wouldn't mind having them.  What I do mind is spending my hard earned cash on them.  I have already made up my mind and it's a big NO.  I won't be buying any of their merchandise anytime soon.  While I do have the money to buy, I just don't think it is at all worth the expense.  $3,500 total for a leather bag, a wallet, an organizer, and a passport case is just way too much to spend on LV, no matter how enticing they may be. 

I could care less what other people say if, when, and what I buy.  What I do with my money is my  business especially if I save over time for what I want.  For me, it is as simple as that.  Many people who can afford it buy mansions, fancy cars, and jewelry.  I can never ever tell them not to buy any of these things ever and tell them to remember the poor each and ever time they make a purchase.  I have read threads on the internet where others left comments of the sort.  While it is true we have to keep the poor in mind, I just hope people would also not antagonize anyone who buys luxuries in life as long as the money used was earned cleanly and honestly.    Why not?

What really changed my mind about purchasing was this one particular lady I saw on You Tube.  She is this middle aged woman who possesses a large collection of branded bags and loves LV, Gucci, Fendi and the like.  What she does with her money is her business.  She did state that she wanted to set herself apart from the rest by owning the expensive leather bags.  It made her feel rich and better than the rest.

As far I am concerned, such line of reasoning is twisted.  I won't ever buy a luxury brand merchandise just so I can make you feel inferior.  I will buy something beautiful and expensive because it is nice to have and not because I want you to think that you are beneath me.  Heavens no!