Probably Not Right Now

8-Mar-2020 • San Francisco United States

The Grand Princess

It was over 10 years ago when my partner and I sailed on Princess Cruise's ship , The Grand Princess.  We went on a two week voyage to the Caribbean visiting 9 island countries and territories. 

I never thought I would hear about this ship again ever.  It's been on the news lately since it has been docked off the coast of San Francisco awaiting news as to when it can allow its passengers both healthy and sick of the Corona Virus to disembark. 

Glad to know that the ordeal will finally end tomorrow when it gets to dock in the Port of Oakland.  I do hope everything turns out well for all the people concerned as well as the cities who will be taking care of the sick.  I understand that all Californians will be quarantined in the state while other US residents will be taken to either Texas or Georgia.  Then all foreign nationals will be flown back to their respective countries.  I just wonder though what will happen to the sick ship crew.  Will they be taken cared for?   I sure hope so.

Just tonight, it was mentioned in the news advising people not to go cruising for the time being.  To think, it was just a few weeks ago when I posted an entry about my dream to cruise again. The way the highly infectious corona virus is spreading, I guess I won't be sailing any time soon even if I had he budget to do so.