The Love Park and the Lighthouse

9-Dec-2019 • Lima Peru

Walking distance from Larcomar are two popular attractions in Miraflores. These are the Parque del Amor or the Love Park as well as the Faro or the lighthouse. We walked to these two parks several times admiring the views of the cliffs and the water. Before my trip to Lima, everyone asked me where in the city I was staying. Friends were in awe when I mentioned Miraflores. Now I know why. It happens to be the poshest district of Lima. It is where many rich people live. One need not go far to see the wealth. Right along the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean are high end condo buildings. It was nice indeed.

I miss Lima. It was an unforgettable vacation I had there. It sure was quick and I didn't get to all that I wanted. I mean, I saw the most important sights but I would like to return and visit places more leisurely next time. There are the awesome museums I missed and the shopping I wish I had done more of.

I still can't believe Marc and I paid just $500 for each of our fares. I checked Expedia and Orbitz this afternoon for a return trip this Christmas and the cheapest flights were priced at $1,200 minimum. How prices have climbed! I do plan to return. Hopefully, really, really soon.

The Love Park

Marc's first impression of the place, "It looks like Parc Guell!"

A partial view of the cliffs of Miraflores

The Faro or the Lighthouse