8-Dec-2019 • Lima Peru

I guarantee you that if and when you visit Lima in the future, you will visit this swank mall at least once. Prior to my visit, I asked why in the world would I want to? A mall is a mall. True! But, in our case, we came here because of its restaurants. We dined here everyday visiting each and every Peruvian restaurant chain. It was posh but none of the places we visited cost a horrendous amount to eat in. In fact, for our lunches, we never paid more than US $20 each time.

There was also a supermarket here called WONG which we frequented to buy bottled water and some food from. It was also here where I bought two oil paintings from a Peruvian Handicraft store named QALA. Basically, the popular Peruvian eating places like the Sangucheria, the Beso Frances, China Wok, and more have branches here.

In short, it's nice place to come and rest in after a hard day's sightseeing in the city of Lima.

Larcomar at night

This is the view we saw from the open air Larcomar Mall. Spectacular I say!

One monument at the mall premises

Decorations for the holiday season

The popular Beso Frances store which sold delicious crepes

This WONG Supermarket was a blessing for us. It came in handy for our daily essentials like bottled water and snacks.

Inside WONG Supermarket

Popular, a high end restaurant in the open air mall

Here's a view of the beach below the mall which sat on top of a cliff.

The Paddington Bear monument right on a children's playground

The Sangucheria where Marc and I had our first lunch in the city.

QALA window