Vacation is Over!

20-Aug-2019 • San Francisco, California United States

It is hard to believe that my nine week summer vacation is finally over. Tomorrow morning, I shall once again hear my alarm clock ring and begin my long commute to work for ten long months.

While this week is really devoted to meetings and no students come to school yet, I still wish I didn't have to return. I must confess, staying at home is so relaxing. I really had fun traveling and the time I spent recovering from jetlag and just staying at home was wonderful.

I still have to work many years before I retire but I sure look forward to it. I don't know of any teacher past and present who does not dream of that day. Many of the teachers I know who have retired are actually happy and satisfied with their lives. I do need to say that many teachers feel this way including myself because teaching is a hard job. While classes begin at 8 am and the kids go home at 3 pm, my work doesn't end there. I have to plan my lessons for the next day and check papers even on the weekends.

Here's hoping for another good batch of kids this year.

My classroom as I left it last June on the last day of school.