Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

17-Aug-2019 • Fresno, California United States

When I was a lot younger, nature walks never interested me. I did change many years ago and I just love going to the national parks here in the US. They are such wonderful attractions. A week ago, Marc and I made another trip to one close to home. To Fresno to be exact, the site of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. We left San Francisco on a Friday afternoon and spent the night at a La Quinta there so we that the drive to the park would be short and we 'd arrive early to avoid the tour buses and hordes of tourists that visit. We made the right choice.

Although not as big as the national parks in Utah, viewing the giant and centuries old Sequoia trees was amazing. Some trees were even 3,200 years old. Can you believe that? Even older than Jesus!

While I enjoy traveling abroad, it sure is fun and much less expensive visiting the attractions back home. Plus, there's no jet lag! Haha!

A painting of the park inside the Kings Canyon Visitor Center

This was a hole inside a giant Sequoia tree that fell to the ground and had been hollowed out. People can now enter and walk through it. Unbelievable!

This was actually the tree that fell and whose base people can enter from. It was that huge! It looked just like a tunnel inside.

This is not just an ordinary tree. It is one of the tallest I've ever seen.

The roaring waterfalls at Kings Canyon

The Giant Tree Museum from where we took the shuttle to visit the Gen. Sherman Tree

General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park. If you look closely, you will see the hundreds of people gathered at the base of this giant. That's how big it was! This tree btw is 3,200 years old.