Last Day in Porto

14-Aug-2019 • Porto Portugal

On our last afternoon in Porto, Marc and I decided to just take things easy and walk around the city leisurely. We tried to visit areas we had not visited nor seen previously.

Porto is such a beautiful city. Every corner just about elicited a "Wow!" What architecture! I must say, it has really become more beautiful today that the time of my first visit. Then again, that's just my opinion.

A World War I memorial

We were pleasantly surprised to see this part of the city behind City Hall decorated the way it was. Quite colorful, don't you think?

An old department store. I can just imagine this store at its peak. I must have been magical.

The Torre de los Clerigos

This was another museum.

I bought a bottle of perfume from this Castelbel boutique. I bought lots of this brand's soaps from Marshalls back home.

Another view of the river

Majestic Café closed on a Sunday

Inside the Majestic Cafe

Another photo opp next to a blue and white wall