Galeries Lafayette

14-Mar-2019 • Paris France

On our first day in Paris, we went to Galeries Lafayette. The purpose of the visit was really not to shop but to see the Christmas tree I had seen so many pictures of on Instagram.

It was my second time to Galeries Lafayette but it was my first time to see it all decked for the Christmas holidays. I must say, the tree looked spectacular. Marc and I actually went there three times. I ended up shopping of course but I only purchased a pair Burberry men's glasses which was cheaper in France than in the US as well as some Maxim tins filled with chocolates.

The famous Galeries Lafayette on Hausmann

I just loved the Christmas decorations inside the store. There was a long line of people having their picture taken with the tree in the background.

Here's me trying on the pair of Burberry glasses. I bought the pair after thinking about it overnight. I liked it!

We went up to the terrace to see a rear view of the Paris Opera building.

Chocolates galore on display in their food hall.