Can't Wait!

19-Dec-2018 • San Francisco, California United States

Three more days and my annual Christmas vacation begins. While I look forward to the two week break, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the demands of my job. Just this morning, I got an email stating I had to urgently provide academic progress reports on some students which need to be turned in no later than tomorrow morning. While I already finished the job and in fact printed the required paperwork tonight, I cannot help but think of the suffocating feeling year after year. It seems to me that before I get to enjoy the holidays, I have to go through some not so pleasant hardships.

Anyway, I think it is the last of the demands from my job as a school teacher and I should be able to enjoy a long rest this Christmas. Like always, I shall be boarding a plane to go somewhere. Nothing exotic, just a return visit to some places I haven't visited in decades.

It is also hard for me to believe that Christmas day is just around the corner! On Tuesday to be exact! I did enjoy the shopping for sweet treats although I gained three pounds in the last month. I haven't even gone to my neighborhood gym in weeks. Oh well, it can wait until my return! Then like many thousands who vow to make changes during the new year, I shall exercise regularly although this time, I shall not falter. I am determined to lose two inches around my waist.

Til my next blog my dear friends! Good night!