Soon It Will Be Christmas!

11-Dec-2018 • San Francisco United States

In less than two weeks, I will be leaving for my much awaited Christmas break. Besides summer vacation, this is the other vacation I truly look forward to every year. Last year, we just stayed in the United States, opting to visit Washington D.C. This Christmas, we're off to Europe. We didn't really know where we wanted to go this year. But, when the fares to Europe sold so cheaply last summer, we grabbed two tickets.

Unlike in previous years when we made it a point to visit new countries, this year, the places we'll be visiting will all be repeats. I won't tell you where yet. I'll keep it a surprise. Anyway, you'll find out soon enough.

While I sometimes wish I were in the private sector so that I'd earn more money, the vacations that come with teaching are hard to beat. In fact, everyone I know are green with envy every time I have time off and go someplace exotic. After all, who has two months time off in the summer, a full week for Thanksgiving, two weeks over the Christmas holidays, and another week in the spring not to mention the national and state holidays? Wonderful, isn't it?

I can't wait for our Christmas break to begin. Oh what glorious 16 days they'll be. No waking up early, no commute, no checking of papers, the time will be all mine and I plan to savor every minute of it. Trust me!

Until the next post my friends! I'm off to bed. Have a goodnight!