Zion National Park

4-Jun-2018 • Utah United States

The last of the national parks for us to explore during our spring vacation to Utah was Zion. Closer to Las Vegas than it is to Salt Lake, this park is often visited by day trippers from Sin City. Anyway, our drive from the north to the south of the state was rapidly coming to an end and this park amazed us just like the ones we visited earlier.

Clearly a favorite among hikers, men and women with long canes and sticks were a common sight here. We did some hike ourselves for a couple of hours. Since there was no parking when we arrived here in the morning, Marc and I first visited the mountains and hills accessible by our car. We lucked out after we had lunch because we chanced upon a couple leaving their spot in the lot at the visitor center which made it possible for us to park and finally board the shuttle that took visitors to the valley. There were thousands of visitors and the line very long. But after a 30 minute wait, we finally got to board and off we went. We decided to go all the way to the end stop d the hike from there. The scenery was superb and walk very pleasant.