Hubbard Glacier

6-Jul-2016 • Hubbard Glacier Alaska

After seeing Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Marc and I just couldn't wait to see the next big one, Hubbard Glacier. This day was going to be different from all the other cruise days. There were no excursions offered nor planned. The entire ship with all of us passengers were going to see another Alaskan wonder up close.

This was the deck on the front side of the ship where Marc and I stayed to see the glacier.

Here I was upon arrival at the deck in preparation for the viewing of the Hubbard Glacier. Marc and I had to return to the cabin though to get our gloves as it was very, very cold.

Along the way to see the glacier, our ship passed by some wonderful scenery.

I haven't exactly counted the number of pictures I took of the trip to Hubbard as well as the glacier itself. But, from the looks of it, I took plenty. I took pictures while we were still far and when we got close.

A waterfall!

Hubbard Glacier at last!

What a sight it was.

We were told that every time some ice chipped away and fell into the water, a wild thunderous sound could be heard. So true! The sound, the noise very much sounded like very loud thunder from the sky.