The Murals on Falls Road

4-Jul-2015 • Belfast Ireland, Northern

Of all the attractions in Belfast, the murals all over the city, especially the ones on Falls Road, were the ones which made a big impact on me. Unlike many areas in Belfast which proudly displayed the Union Jack, this part of Belfast also proudly hung their own flag, that of the Republic of Ireland.

Long before I set foot in this country, I had already heard of the political issues that existed between those who wished to keep their ties to the UK and those who wanted to unite with the Republic. In fact, I was still a child when I heard all about Bobby Sands who died after going on a hunger strike while imprisoned for his cause back in 1981 and Margaret Thatcher was still the British Prime Minister.

Marc and I actually joined the HOP ON HOP Off Bus twice so we could visit the site at our own leisure.

The Irish flag flew high and proud on Falls Road.

Bobby Sands Memorial considered the most famous and most popular among the murals on Falls Road. I was still in my early teens when I heard about the devout Catholic Irishman who died from fasting while he fought for Irish Unification with the Republic of Ireland

I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by. This was by far the most famous mural on Falls Road. The mural dedicated to Bobby Sands.

This was the Fish and Chips Take Away place where we bought our lunch. I ordered fish while Marc had a Pastie (a local delicacy) with his chips or fries.

My delicious fish and chips from Raffo's

This was the garden where we ate our to go lunch. This fountain was built in 1892 and it now had a fence around it to prevent further deterioration from the elements and people.