My Very First Trip to France

10-Dec-2013 • Paris France

Over the Christmas holidays of 1988, I had the unforgettable opportunity to visit France for the very first time. I joined a packaged tour organized by Unijoven, a Madrid based student travel agency, that offered tours in and around Spain as well as Western Europe at that time. My fellow travelers and I travelled by bus from Madrid picking up more passengers in Barcelona along the way. The trip lasted nearly 24 hours. The trip took long but we were all so excited it didn't bother us as much.

Taken after lunch at this roadside diner

Atop the Eiffel Tower

In front of the popular Galeries Lafayette Department Store in Paris where I did some golf ball shopping for my dad

At Champs Elysees admiring the buildings and their architecture at night

Inside the Renault Museum along the Champs Elysees. I don't recall seeing this museum on the same famous boulevard when Marc and I went to visit France last 2000.

In front of Maxims, a store whose chocolates I love to eat

With my fellow travelers from Spain. The young girls here were all teachers from Southern Spain while the couple with us hailed from Chile. They were all so kind and friendly to invite me to go with them to the Champs Elysees and celebrate the arrival of the New Year along the glitzy Champs Elysees.