The One and Only Chateau de Chenonceaux, August 2000

26-Jun-2013 • Loire Valley France

Chambord was impressive, but the Chateau de Chenonceaux was even more so. Unlike Chambord which we could only admire from the outside, we explored Chenonceaux inside and out, stopping at every room, listening to our guide as she explained many important features of the castle from its paintings to its imperial bedrooms.

Here is our tour group as we walked closer to the chateau.

Just to show how important Chenonceaux is, the French Ministry of Culture has classified this castle a historic monument since 1840. It is a major attraction in France and it gets plenty of visitors every year.

Along the way I was quite surprised to see this statue similar to the Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt.

Many people have lived in the castle since it was built and many different people have owned it as well. The original chateau was said to have been torched in 1412 to punish its very first owner, Jean Marques, for an act of sedition.

A view of Chateaux de Chenonceaux

Before we went in, we had time to explore the well maintained gardens and walk in it.

A view of the huge moat that surrounded the chateau

The Marques Tower right next to the chateau

A closer view of the Marques Tower right next to the castle

The chapel's ceiling

The Chapel

The modern stained glass windows shown here were made and installed in 1954 by master glassworker Max Ingrand. The original windows were destroyed by a bombing in 1944.

A portrait of Catherine de Medici over a fireplace inside Diane Poitiers bedroom

Inside Louise of Lorraine's bedroom and bed

Next to Louise of Lorraine's bedroom and bed

The bed in the Five Queens' Bedroom inside the chateaux named in memory of Catherine de Medici's two daughters and three daughters in law.

The coats of arms decorating the 16th century coffer ceiling of the Five Queens' Bedroom

Gabrielle d'Estrees bed and bedroom

In front of the Marques Tower next to the chateau

A view of the Chateaux de Chenonceaux and the Marques Tower

The impressive Chateau de Chenonceaux

Me in front of Chenonceaux. It was a must that I had my picture taken in front of the castle!

A view of the rear of the chateau

Marc in front of Chenonceaux

A view of the chateau and the bridge that crossed the moat leading to the main entrance