Le Mont Saint Michel

11-Jan-2013 • Mont Saint Michel France

There are a number of places around the world that leave visitors breathless. Mont Saint Michel is one of them. I really feel fortunate to have visited it while in France.

Mont Saint Michel

"The so called Gothic chancel in the 15th century minster" as described by a brochure I bought at the abbey. For me, this part of the church or abbey is simply the altar.

It sometimes boggles my mind what some of the brochures or pamphlets I get in some tourist places state. To begin with, the English used is so flowery and so vague. No one I know speaks or writes with the vocabulary they use.

The ceiling of the abbey

Some of the columns that support the ceiling of the abbey

The courtyard

A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus inside the abbey

A scene at Mont Saint Michel

The scriptorium, also called the Knights' Room

In the scriptorium, also called the Knights' Room

A view of Mont Saint Michel after visiting it

Marc at Mont Saint Michel

A view of the Mont Saint Michel from a distance

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel all lit at dusk