Versailles, France, July 2000

7-Jan-2013 • Versailles France

We couldn't visit Paris without visiting Versailles. We just had to. I first went there in the winter of 1988. I remember seeing many visitors then and there were many visitors the second time I went twelve years later. I suppose it is really just packed any time of year. It is definitely worth a few hours of day in anybody's time when they come and explore the place.

Glad to be back!

Marc in front of the Palace of Versailles' inner courtyard

A view of the exterior of Louis XIV's Baroque Chapel in Versailles

The Equestrian Bronze Statue of Louis XIV

An oil painting with Louis XIV as the subject

The Royal Chapel inside the Palace of Versailles

A fuller view of the Royal Chapel

The chapel has one of the palace's grandest interiors. This is actually the view from the Tribune Royale where the king and members of his royal fammily heard mass.

This is just one of the many paintings on the palace ceilings.

Going inside the Hall of Mirrors

Inside the Hall of Mirrors

Marc inside the Hall of Mirrors

The ceiling of the Hall of Mirrors

The Gallery of Battles

Located in the southern wing of the palace, the Gallery of Battles is a long room with 33 huge paintings depicting the famous battles of French history from the early Middle Ages to around 1800.

Marc inside the Gallery of Battles

Me inside the Gallery of Battles

This room is definitely magnificent. One can't help but stand in awe in the middle of such huge floor to ceiling paintings on both sides of the gallery.

A rear view of the Palace of Versailles

By the Bassin de Latone or Latona Fountain. Four marble basins rise to Balthazar Marsy's statue of the goddess.

It is said that the garden symbolizes the climax of French gardening. It was landscaped by the famous Andre Le Notre.

Marc at the Garden of Versailles with the Bassin de Latone or Latona Fountain

The Apollo Fountain or as some would call it, Apollo's Pool

In front of the Apollo Fountains in the Garden of Versailles

Marc in front of the Apollo Fountain in the Garden of Versailles

The following pictures were taken right before we left the grounds of the Palace of Versailles.

One more photo op before leaving the palace

Marc's last picture in front of the palace

The City of Versailles