Bridgetown, Barbados. Our Third Time!

25-Feb-2024 • Bridgetown Barbados

Of all the Caribbean countries we've traveled to over the decades, Barbados is the one we've seen the most having been there three times while cruising. I have to say, I've seen it change over the years. On the day we arrived in Bridgetown, Barbados, passengers were allowed to disembark at 11:30 am and requested to be back on board by 6:30 pm. We had quite a late start. Even though we fell asleep at 9 pm the night before, we only woke up at 8 am and made our way for breakfast at 9:30 am. Unlike our last trip to Bridgetown when we took the shuttle to take us to the city center, we walked the short distance instead together with a few other cruise passengers. The walk took no more than 15 minutes and per the advice of cruise bloggers, we only had to walk on the promenade by the water. It was a straight walk from the cruise terminal to downtown. We continued to luck out even though it was our third time to the city. We managed to add new places to the list of attractions we've already seen and been to like the Free Library, the Supreme Court Building, and the huge and modern Duty Free Shop which is a huge posh department store.

One notable change we've witness is the disappearance of Trafalgar Square as well as the statue of Lord Nelson which has been taken to the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. The place has been renamed National Heroes Square showcasing prominent and historical Barbadian figures instead.

Back in Barbados!

Who can this be? At National Heroes Square in downtown Bridgetown

Marc at National Heroes Square right by the Parliament Buildings of Barbados

Independence Arch at the Careenage in downtown Bridgetown

Since it was Christmas during our visit, it was no surprise to see Christmas trees. This time around, the careeange was lined with trees each one decorated by companies and embassies.

Christmas trees were everywhere!

We went to window shop inside this Little Switzerland Boutique, my true favorite store in the Caribbean. Usually located at cruise terminals, this particular store was right downtown and its clientele was mostly local. I bought my very first Gucci watch in Little Switzerland but in the French island of St. Barts.

At National Heroes Square with the Parliament Building of Barbados behind me.

Chefette was still around. Chefette is the Barbadian counterpart of our Kentucky Fried Chicken in the US. We wanted to eat and try their fried chicken but the line was so long. I hope next time we'll have better luck!

Seeing this mural about India and its citizens made me think there must be a considerable number of Indian nationals living in Bridgetown today.

It rained heavily a few minutes after we left the ship. We had our umbrellas but we still sought refuge here inside the Anglican/Episcopalian Church of St. Mary's in downtown Bridgetown. For nearly an hour we stayed here waiting for the rain to subside.

Luckily, while we were inside St. Mary's Church waiting for the rain to stop, there was a young man playing the organ. He played several Christmas songs much to our delight. For a while I thought he played music to entertain us since there was no one else inside just us. And he played for almost the entire time we were there too. It sure made the wait pleasant to our ears.