The City of St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda

25-Feb-2024 • St. John's Antigua and Barbuda

One Antigua and Barbuda sign and logo at the cruise ship terminal. We sure were glad to be back!!! After 27 long years!

This was the view that greeted us cruisers to the island. After 27 years, we finally made it back to Antigua and Barbuda. Taken on board Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas.

Redcliffe Quay, the older of the two quays in St. John's. Though much smaller than its neighboring quay a few steps away, it was more beautiful and elegant filled with duty free stores, restaurants, art galleries, and more. It was here where I found one highly recommended art gallery named ZEMI, run and owned by a local artist. The owner made the paintings himself and they were truly beautiful. The big ones sold for around $2,000 a piece but he had smaller ones for $60 each. How I wish I had bought some now!

On the way to visit the centuries old Anglican Cathedral of St. John's

I enjoyed walking around St. John's. I found many of the houses truly colorful. The downtown area didn't seem very big. Since it was nearly Christmas eve when we arrived here, the city was decorated for the holidays. Many outdoor restaurants played loud and lively music while the locals went in and out of grocery stores and supermarkets buying food for Christmas Day. The atmosphere was happy and energetic.

While we were in St. John's, I had forgotten about this monument to the island nation's first Prime Minister, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird, which I had seen on the internet. Days before we left, I had done some research as to the city's attractions and I saw this. Thanks to one postcard I saw inside a souvenir stall, I was reminded to go see it. The lady selling postcards told us where we could find it and so off we went to the middle of the huge public market and bus station where it stood.

Here's one billboard about the island nation's first family greeting locals and visitors alike Happy Holidays.

Our ship, RCCL's Grandeur of the Seas, docked at Heritage Quay.

At Heritage Quay. The path out to the city was lined by duty free stores on both sides.

Yams (I believe that's what they were.) for sale at the public market.

A view of a fort from our ship while docked at the port

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. We didn't go in although now we feel we should have.

A Christmas tree, Antigua and Barbuda style!

A local supermarket