Louis Vuitton et al

3-Dec-2023 • Las Vegas, Nevada United States

During the week my partner and I stayed in Las Vegas, we checked out the hotels and the malls  practically every night.  Having been to Las Vegas a million times before, our strolls up and down the Las Vegas Boulevard were more to see what had changed and what had happened to the hotels over the years.  Much has remained the same.  The only difference I did notice was that the carpeting inside the casinos have begun to fade from all the people walking on them day in and day out.

It was also very interesting to see the same stores present from one hotel to another.  The upscale boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Dior, and TUMI were practically everywhere.  Should a visitor miss one store in one hotel, he could always find another branch a few steps away inside the neighboring hotel and casino.  They are that close to each other.

Caesar's Forum though did change, big time!  The mall's inside layout is not what it used to be.  More stores have taken up what otherwise would have been designated for walking and browsing.  I was likewise saddened to see Brooks Brothers close their store in the mall.  Just like one commentary I read recently, it just wasn't going to survive with the current office culture where everyone is dressed down.  Hardly anyone goes to work in a suit nowadays.  Very few.  Still, the presence of boutiques selling bags and other leather goods sure were plenty. There must really be a big market for them for the brands to be able maintain the high number of stores they do now along the Strip.

This was one colorful LV window display I saw inside one upscale Strip hotel and which I also see at the LV store right in my home city of San Francisco.