Kalkara, The Inquisition Palace, The Church of St. Lawrence

27-May-2023 • Valletta Malta

Here are some places in Valletta we got to visit right before we returned to the US.  Early one morning, we took a bus with the intent of exploring the famous Three Cities of Vittoriosa, Cospicua, and Senglea.  We began our trip with a walking tour of Kalkara where we got off.  The very first attraction we saw here was the Parroca San Guzepp Kalkara which happened to be closed at the time of our visit.  We took a picture of its facade and we moved on. Then we passed by the Inquisition Palace where we spent around an hour looking at its exhibits and galleries.

From there we made our way to Vittoriosa's Fort San Angelo.  We took plenty of pictures here mostly of the surrounding cities.  The views were amazing.  We had a late lunch at a Greek restaurant in Cospicua and headed to Senglea on foot. 


Kalkara was a tiny town by the water.

Once we got off the bus we boarded at the Valletta's city center, this parish church was the attraction we saw straight away.  We walked up the steps ready to enter the church.  Unfortunately, it was still closed  during the time we arrived.

The Parroca San Guzepp Kalkara

A fortress wall

The facade of the Inquisition Palace

Seeing religious statues along the streets makes one think many Maltese must have been extremely religious back in the olden days.  Perhaps they still are.  This was one we passed by while we were on our way to the Inquisition Palace.

The Inquisition Palace was big.  It had rooms for the clergy and there was even a prison inside.  The photo above shows the kitchen.

A quiet corner in the kitchen.

One of the rooms for the clergy.  

One of the spartan bedrooms

The study for the clergy

This painting of Maltese children celebrating the Carnival back in earlier years caught my eye.  It had a very lively and fun vibe.  I liked it a lot.

The prisoners' toilet.  One got the impression, one simply had to squat over the hole and everything else fell down below.  

Local architecture

So rustic

Inside the Church of St. Lawrence

A view of the nave of St. Lawrence

It was just by accident that we ended up in this beautiful local square. There was a hotel and a bar nearby with lots of locals. 

A full view of the Palazzo Huesca