Fort St. Elmo

7-May-2023 • Valletta Malta

We rounded up our Valletta stay with a visit to Fort St. Elmo, now the site of a military museum. It contained lots of British equipment and mementos related to the First and Second World Wars.  I also remember us touring the premises for quite some time visiting exhibit after exhibit.  The place was quite huge.  Likewise, we spent a lot of our time here taking pictures of the Valletta harbor.  We did get some fabulous shots of Fort St. Angelo in Vittoriosa as well as Senglea from here.

I do say, we passed by the fort a few times without actually knowing what it was in the beginning.  Truth to tell, we didn't have any set plan as to what to see when we first arrived. But, when we read guide after guide mention Fort St. Elmo, we decided to go.  It was worth it.

Pardon my ignorance, but I didn't realize Malta was a former British territory.  This is the reason why most if not all of the exhibits at Fort St. Elmo was very British.  

Here's a view of Sliema from the fort

These knights in suit and armor greeted visitors to the fort turned museum.

A map and guide to Fort St. Elmo

A coat of arms

The moat that surrounded the fort

A print depicting life of the British soldiers and families at a party in Valletta

A celebration of Carnival years ago

A view of the courtyard

The main entrance to the museum

Inside a chapel in the fort grounds