7-May-2023 • Rabat Malta

Not wanting to go back to Valletta yet after our Morning visit to Mdina, we walked around outside the city walls and reached the adjacent town of Rabat.  Based on what we've seen, its most famous landmarks were the Cathedral of St. Paul and the catacombs.  We spent quite some time here roaming around and enjoying new sights.  There were lots of restaurants and a few Bed and Breakfast places in the area.  

Although it was the middle of winter at the time of our visit, it felt very much like spring all over the island.  It sure was warm.  So warm many tourists walked around the city in shorts and others in in tank tops. 

I was just glad there was no rain.  The dry weather enabled us to sightsee every single day from morning till night.

The Cathedral of St. Paul in Rabat

Walking towards the Cathedral of St. Paul

I asked the owner of this stall if I could take a picture.  She said, "Yes!" and gave us a sample of the cannoli she was selling.  After the free tasting, we bought a couple.  They were so good!

There were numerous catacombs in Rabat.  In fact,  lots of tourists visited them.  I must say, after visiting a couple, they all began to look the same.  They were all underground and they all looked like caves with lots of partitions inside them to accommodate the remains of the dead based on their rank in society.

Here's one staircase going down to the catacombs. They were all empty of course.

Inside one catacombs

Here's one walkway inside one of the biggest catacombs we visited.  I have to say, it was quite eerie sometimes given that this was the burial place of many who have died a long, long time ago. 

Some of the partitions we saw .

The sign to what seemed like a church on the outside but was actually the site of some catacombs.

There was even a beautiful altar right by the entrance leading to the catacombs down below.  We didn't visit this site though.

This box like building was the entrance to one of the major catacombs in the area.  As you can see on the left, a group of tourists about to enter with their guide.