30-Apr-2023 • Mdina Malta

Mdina was one place we were not about to miss while we were in Malta.  Highly recommended by travelers who have been to the island nation, we too were eager to see it for ourselves.  Fortunately the trip going there was quick and easy by bus.  There were no transfers involved. 

Once we arrived in the city, we walked through the walled city's main gate and explored. Much to my surprise, it wasn't very big.  It seemed to me we were able to see all the major sights that were open to the public and we in fact toured the entire city twice.

Just as suggested, we aimed to visit the Cathedral of St. Paul first.  We bought a combo ticket which also enabled us to visit the Cathedral Museum across the street.  If I remember correctly, we spent more time in the museum than in the cathedral itself which was rather small.

The rest of the time was spent walking around admiring the architecture, visiting shops, and going to vista points to view neighboring cities like Mosta. 

The Cathedral of St. Paul within the walls of Mdina

In front of St. Paul's Cathedral

Mdina's main gate.  We entered through here although shortly before leaving the city, we discovered another gate through which people could enter and exit the city.

Some of the artifacts on display inside the Cathedral Museum opposite the Cathedral of St. Paul

The main facade and main entrance to the Cathedral Museum

Inside the Cathedral Museum

A couple looking at one religious artwork in close detail

Here's an unobstructed view of the religious artwork the couple in a photo posted here were looking at.

As to be expected, the cathedral museum had lots of religious displays from paintings to chalices and much more.

Inside the Cathedral of St. Paul

Here's a view of the main altar from the main entrance to the cathedral

Another view inside the cathedral

An altar inside the beautiful and very pink Carmelite Priory

Another view of the Carmelite Priory

Another altar inside the Carmelite Priory

The dome of the beautiful Carmelite Priory

The main altar inside the Carmelite Priory

A bird's eye view of Mosta from Mdina.  We watched a number of YOu Tube videos about Mosta and its most famoous attraction, the cathedral.  Too bad we ran out of time.  Hopefully next time we get to visit.

Religious decorations were plentiful in the old Maltese capital.

I can imagine why door knobs were recommended as one of the souvenirs to be purchased in Malta.  Many homes had exquisite ones on their doors.

The Bridge of Sigh? 

A religious statue on the corner of a building just like we saw in Valletta

The Palazzo House, a private museum in Mdina

Many of the doors of private homes in Mdina were colored red

Door knobs of homes were quite exquisite not only in Mdina but throughout Malta

Lovely details on buildings.  At times, one does have to look up not to miss extraordinary decorations on homes and buildings.