16-Apr-2023 • Sliema Malta

Sliema, the city across the bay from Valletta

Sliema is a very short ferry ride away from Valletta.  So short, the entire ride took no more than 10 minutes.  The fare was inexpensive too.  I believe it was just 1.50 Euros per person each way.

Travel books mention Sliema as the place many locals moved to in the old days so they could spend the summer evenings walking along the waterfront. Talking of the front, Sliema's is very picturesque.  I realized this as we were leaving the city, on board the bus for our return trip back to Valletta.  I looked out the window and I was just mesmerized by the beauty of the promenade.  It was the reason why we returned for a second visit.  I wanted to walk on the front myself.

We didn't really see much in terms of tourist attractions here.  It did seem more modern.  Lots of luxury apartment buildings were under construction.  I also understand that many tourists prefer to stay here since they get more bang for their buck.  Hotel stays in Sliema are a lot more affordable.

A view of the ferry that transports locals and tourists from Valletta to various cities across Valletta.  

Inside the Church of Jesus of Nazareth along the waterfront

The modern Point Shopping Mall at Tigne Point.

The Stella Maris Church

Local homes

Can you spot the McDonald's here?  Yup, we had lunch there!

The quiet courtyard along the promenade

The big ZARA store in Sliema

The Church of Jesus of Nazareth along the waterfront

The Il-Fortizza, a 19th century British coastal fortification

Local buildings farther away from the front

A parking lot with a nice mural right behind it.

Many of the stores here in this city catered more to the locals.  Sliema didn't feel as touristy as Valletta.

A walk along the waterfront afforded everyone a superb view of the Sliema skyline