Valletta Day 1, Part 2

14-Apr-2023 • Valletta Malta

I truly fell in love with Valletta.  Who wouldn't be?  It's a lovely country.  I thought we had more than enough time to see most of the sights.  It turns out, a week is not enough.  We didn't get to visit a number of museums right in Valletta like the Museum of Fine Arts, the Archaeology Museum nor the Grand Palace (closed for renovation) nor were we able to go to Gozo and Comino. 

I suppose it's another reason for us to return.  Anyway, I have yet to visit any country and get to visit all its sights.  I just haven't. 

Called niches, religious statues on the corners of buildings are plentiful and can be seen in many areas of the city.  

These were some of the Carnival floats we saw in the city.  There lots of them during our stay.  

The facade of the historic Library

The facade of St. John's Co Cathedral.  It looked so simple on the outside but it is very intricate on the inside.

A zoom view of new building construction in Sliema from Valleta

Here's another religious statue on the corner of another building.

The hustle and bustle in Valletta's Merchant Street

Not every thing in Valletta is ancient.  The Parliament Building is an example of modern architecture and it can be see as soon as one enters the main gates to the city. 

Right next to the Maltese Parliament is this building called the Maltese Center for Creativity.

Republic Street

A view from the Upper Barraca Gardens

A fuller view of the Maltese Parliament Building

A view of the Upper Barraca Gardens

The Auberge of Castile, now a local government building.  

Another view of the Upper Barraca Gardens. We visited here twice.  We returned to witness the firing of the canons one afternoon.

These were the canons at the Upper Barraca Gardens that were fired several times a day

Standing next to the Triton Fountain.  Right behind it is the posh Phoenician Hotel which reminds me of the Fairmont Hotels in North America.

There's the ferry leaving Valletta fro Sliema.  The ride took no more than 8 minutes.  It was very quick!

We took this ferry two times.  We took it to go to Sliema on our second full day in Malta while the second time was when returned to Sliema the day before our departure for Germany to explore it some more. 

The Independence Monument outside the city walls and very close to the bus terminal.

The promenade right behind the Independence Monument

The moat right around main city gates