I want my Filipino food!

19-Nov-2012 • South San Francisco United States

Lately, we have been ordering fried calamari with our Americanized sisig.  Sisig as it is served in Ongpin is basically chopped grilled pork.  It is so unlike the sisig served in Manila.  Anyway, Marc can't have enough of it and it is his most favorite dish of all the Filipino food he has tried and eaten in the US and in Manila.

The Ongpin Restuarant

Both Marc's favorite and mine, fried calamari

We really can't have enough of this dish.  Be it from the Fisherman's Wharf, Gourmet Carousel, our favorite Chinese restaurant in the city, and Ongpin's version, we love, love, love it so much!

Ongpin's version of the SISIG, with garlic rice and eggs