Hard to let go

2-Jan-2022 • San Francisco, California United States

For years, I shopped and shopped.  Back when I had a bigger home, I had lots of space to store all that I bought. Now that I have downsized, I have to be very mindful of my purchases as storage is now running out.

If I'm not mistaken, 2021 was the year I gave away a lot of my possessions, mostly clothes and home decorations, to Goodwill and Out of the Closet.  I have more to give away really but I just can't part with my junk all at the same time. Lately, I've been thinking how ironic life is.  Right from the time we go to school, we're told to study hard and try our hardest to graduate from college.  The goal is for us to land a good job, get good pay, buy a nice house, and be happy.  Now that I have achieved all that I dreamed of in life, I realized all the material things I've accumulated aren't really that necessary.  Now we're told not to leave our junk to our loved ones to dispose of when we pass on. 

How I wish I realized this earlier! I could have saved all the money I spent and spent them on something else instead like more travel.  This year, 2022, I plan to purge a lot more and keep my house as bare of non essentials as possible.