So Far, So Good

5-Oct-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

It's been over a month now since schools reopened and I am glad to say, we are doing just fine despite the COVID pandemic.  Of course, I was very apprehensive and scared to go back to the classroom but since classes resumed in the school where I teach, there has only been two positive cases.  Two classes had to shut down for a week but everything is back to normal.

It must be the masking that has helped.  I also am thankful that every child in my third grade class is diligent and more than willing to wear a face mask.  In fact, my students are the first to report who is not wearing a mask or who is not wearing a mask properly.  I also pass out hand sanitizers after every recess and lunch break for good measure.

I honestly hated going back to work in the beginning but just like always, my class and I have bonded very quickly and it is a delight to report for work.  I have a bunch of smart kids and very well behaved to boot.  

I can't complain.