My First Week Back in School

29-Aug-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

It's Sunday night now and while I am actually planning for next week's classes, I am glad to say I survived my first week back in school.  Just like I mentioned before in my previous blogs, I was going to be nervous about returning and I most certainly was every day last week. 

One fellow teacher described our return to work like playing the Russian Roulette.  While I do not exactly share the same extreme perspective, I do think going back to school at this time is very risky.  I do constantly pray that I do not become one of the breakthrough cases.  

Right before my 24 students arrived, I changed the layout of my tables four times.  It was suggested that students all faced one direction.  I did observe that socially distancing from one another was practically non existent the entire week once the children left the classroom and they played in the yard during recess and lunch..  We talked about it a lot but when it came down to practice, it didn't happen. 

I wonder how we all in school will be in two weeks.  Will there be Covid cases among us?  We shall see.