Third Grade Teacher from North Carolina dies from Covid

12-Oct-2020 • San Francisco, California, United States

I was so heartbroken to hear that a third grade teacher died from Covid 19 today.  Apparently, she and a student in her school tested positive for the virus.  It was reported that the school will switch to distance learning for the next two weeks but classes will resume Nov. 2.

I still don't understand why some schools conduct in classroom teaching despite the fact that the virus is so present in our midst.  Many say that children don't really get sick of the virus yet, in this case, a child did again.  What's worse, someone died.  It seems to me that a teacher's life really matters very little to many people. 

Are we to believe that after two weeks, the pandemic will be gone and it will be safe for the children and the staff in this school in North Carolina to return?  I think not.