Staying home for now!

22-Jul-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

With the spike in Covid 19 cases all over the state of California, I have decided to stay home most of the time out of an abundance caution.  While its very true that most of the cases, in fact, a great majority of the new cases reported come from the southern part of the state like in Los Angeles and its neighboring cities, it is alarming just the same making me think twice about going out for non essential activities.   

It was reported that the spike in cases come from very young adults by a huge margin over the weak and elderly.  Can you imagine that?  For a time, it was said that the young and healthy are not affected as much.  Yet, now, they make up for most of the cases.  I did see a lot of them congregate in bars and restaurants when the restrictions were eased and restaurants were allowed to open on a limited basis.  When I walked along Chestnut and Polk streets here in San Francisco a few weeks ago, it did seem like life was back to normal with all the people eating and drinking out.  What hustle and bustle!

I am simply hoping that this pandemic will end soon.  I really, really do.