Goodbye Gym!

19-May-2020 • San Francisco, California United States

For three years now, I have been working out in a gym in the city's Financial District.  A friend and colleague from work suggested it after I had gained back all the weight I lost and I wanted to shed the pounds again.  

It worked.  As soon as I was done at school and had arrived in the city, I went straight to the gym and I no longer had any excuse not to.  I got so involved, I lost a lot of weight in just six months doing a set of exercises my trainer taught me to do.

With the Corona virus spreading, I am thinking it's best to cancel my gym membership.  I actually stopped going last March when news of the virus was first reported and I felt the close proximity of the men and the women in the cramped space was too risky.  

I likewise no longer want to use the mats provided by the gym.  They are so heavily used and they look quite ratty.  

I suppose I will be fine this summer.  I will still be off work and I will have a lot of time to exercise.  It is in the fall when I begin to lag.  I suppose what I need to do is go straight to our building's tiny gym before I go up to my apartment.  Otherwise, I will only change into my house clothes, cook dinner, eat, and feel totally exhausted by the time I sit in the sofa to watch TV and rest.