The Chinese Soldier Winter Hat

26-Jan-2020 • San Francisco United States

I live close to Chinatown.  In fact, it is just a few blocks down from where I live in San Francisco.  It is without any doubt one of my favorite places in the city.  I love the place for its shopping, its vibrant culture, the food, and more.  Going there is like being transported to China without leaving the country and flying on a plane.  Anyway, my prayer sure was answered last December when I found a store that sold the Chinese soldier winter hat I wanted. 

I actually have two of the said hat.  I bought one in black and another one in brown when I traveled to Beijing years ago.  They were sold along sidewalks and in public markets in Beijing and I don't think I paid more than the equivalent of $5 for each one.  

However, the black one I own has begun to feel a bit loose on my head which is why I was hoping to find another one here in Chinatown.  Luckily, I did.  Sure, it was way more expensive here at $20 but definitely cheaper than going back to China just to buy one.  I can't complain. 

Here's a picture of myself wearing the Chinese soldier's winter hat. This was taken on my first and only visit to the Andes in Chile two years ago.