Seattle, Washington

26-Oct-2019 • Seattle, Washington United States

I was in Seattle last weekend. It was a quick 36 hour trip but it was more than enough to make me realize once again how lovely it is to travel.

I had been to the city many times before but going back was a very pleasant experience. While I may bemoan going through security and hate the crowds in airports, I always enjoy boarding planes and going places. It is nice to have a break from the usual daily routine. I'm sure you understand.

Despite the rain, it was a pleasure to walk the city streets. I was shocked to find out that the Bon Marche Department store which for many years had become a Macy's closed right in downtown. Anyway, I did ride the monorail to see the Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture, the Dale Chihuly building, Pike Place Market, the Museum of Flight, as well as Seattle's Art Museum which I got to visit for the very first time.

What I do miss from the trip is the cold weather. It has been extremely hot here in San Francisco and it has been predicted that it will be warm here this Christmas. It might be dream weather for some, but not for me. I want to feel the cold when it's fall and winter.

The Space Needle

The modern building of the Museum of Pop Culture

The beautiful color of fall. We sure don't see the leaves changing colors a lot back in California.

The very first Starbucks in the world. It all began right in Seatte.

Inside the Public Market

Got the chance to finally see the Art Museum. Little did I know that educators entered the museum for free! I saved $30!

One of the exhibits in the museum

Inside the Museum of Flight, one of my favorite museums in the world!!!

An old United Airlines plane inside the Museum of Flight

NASA, I'm ready for take off!