Hasta Luego Madrid!

16-Aug-2019 • Madrid Spain

It was on July 22, 2019, when I left Madrid after a month in Europe. By this time, I had been alone for ten days. Marc left ten days earlier to return to visit his family and return to work. By the time I left, I was ready to go home. A month away was a really long time. I would say the highlight of my trip was my visit to Surrey, outside London, to see my old time friends and family, Tita and her daughter Catherine.

I most certainly had fun visiting Athens, Nicosia, Lisbon, and Porto. One thing I did learn from this trip was to lessen the number of cities we are to visit on future European trips. Traveling to airports, checking in, going through security, boarding planes, waiting at airports during layovers and arriving at our destination very late at night certainly proved stressful and tiring. Anyway, we survived. In the end, we will always have the memories we made from this trip. I can only be thankful and grateful to the heavens for the opportunity and the blessings to travel and see the world.

On the day of my departure for the US, I flew out of Barajas Terminal 1. One advantage of being a United Premier Gold member is that I had a separate check in counter and security gate. Oh what bliss it was not having to wait and being waited on instead.

What I liked about Barajas is that it is never too full. In fact, the terminal I had to go to was nearly empty. Just the way I liked it. I was in Heathrow terminal 5 three days earlier and it was literally a zoo. Way too many people. So crowded.

I will miss Spain but I am not sad. I know it is just a plane ride away should I plan to visit again. Thanks so much for the memories Madrid. Hope to see you again soon.

I didn't know that taking pictures in Barajas was prohibited. I had already taken so many pictures when a lady employee told me to stop. She just waved at me and asked that I stop clicking away.