Loving the Christmas Holidays!

7-Dec-2018 • San Francisco United States

It's been two weeks since Thanksgiving and I am just loving the holidays. It is without any doubt my favorite time of year even more than summer. I'm a Christmas geek you see and there's just no way around it. I love everything about this holiday. From the gift giving to the decorations to the parties. You name it, I love them all!

Actually, I put up my tree last October. I used to put up two trees but taking decorations down and putting the ornaments away can be a pain and so this year, I told myself, just one, to save my sanity. Next year, I shall begin even earlier and put two trees up by early October. It's a Filipino thing! Back home in the Philippines, Christmas songs are played on air as soon as September hits.

While thousands of people go shopping for family for Christmas, I have long stopped doing it. No one really needs anything now. They all have everything they need. Since my immediate family lives in Las Vegas, I make it a point to visit them there before the big day since I am usually out of the country during my Christmas break. We have a scrumptious dinner in some restaurant in a fancy hotel and we enjoy each other's company.

I do miss both my mom and dad who are in heaven now. I try not to be sad for its the last thing they would want me to be at Christmas. I do give thanks for everything I have. I am truly blessed to live the life that I do. I cannot possibly complain!