Getting Closer!

15-Nov-2017 • San Francisco United States

I am now in the midst of packing for my trip to the Middle East. While half the fun of travel is the planning, I also am quite nervous about this forthcoming vacation. It is my very first to this part of the world.

To begin with, we're not flying United. How I wish we were now. We scored some really inexpensive tickets from a European airline last August and we purchased them right away. Shortly thereafter, I read mixed reviews about this airline were flying with. Just hope and pray it delivers and we enjoy the ride. I'll write a review about it upon our return.

Next, all the talk about how strict the country we're visiting down to the medication people bring is scaring me. I even read that possession of Tylenol can land one in jail. Goodness, how strict can they get.

Then, there's the dress code. One IG friend who has traveled to my destination many times wrote and said that wearing shorts can only take one so far. I guess even in malls, visitors have to dress conservatively.

On the other hand, I do look forward to eating well there. Oh, I can't wait to try the Iranian kebabs, the Indian desserts, the Turkish ice cream, and more.

I also plan to shop, well, a little. I'd love to buy a rug for our house and some beautiful handicrafts.

Wish me luck!

Help! I'm nervous!