Sentosa Island

24-Aug-2013 • Singapore Singapore

Marc and I visited Sentosa Island on January 1, 2003. Just like in the waterfront, here we saw another Merlion and got to climb it all the way to the top.

The Merlion in Sentosa Island

My day in Sentosa Island, the 500 hectare recreational playground which is home to some of Singapore's beaches, golf courses, hotels and a host of other attractions.

Marc in Sentosa with the Merlion in the background

Marc atop the Merlion

On the day we came, there were many tourists from Japan here. A lot of them were swimming and sunbathing in the mile long beach.

A view of Sentosa from atop the Merlion

A dragon fountain in Sentosa Island

Another dragon statue and fountain in Sentosa which stands guard at the cable car station in the island.

Me in front of the dragon statue, fountain, and guard

An American riverboat in Sentosa

It was in this building where visitors first got a glimpse of the island. This was where we all disembarked from the ferry and where we boarded to leave the island for the other side of the water.