Goodbye Israel! See you again soon!

9-Apr-2023 • Tel Aviv Israel

On our last full day in Tel Aviv, we decided to explore other neighborhoods we didn't get to explore and discover early on.

I swear, if and when I get to return, I'd like to spend more time in all the cities we visited and visit new ones we didn't get to see due to time constraint. 

I went home with wonderful memories of both Israel and Palestine.  The people were kind and friendly and the sights, truly one of a kind.  As a Catholic, I really enjoyed visiting the holy sights of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.  I too wish to visit Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee next. 

Likewise, I would love to visit Palestine, a lot longer than a day next time.  I would like to walk in its cities like Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jericho and more.  Hopefully the second trip is not so far away. 

On our day of departure, we had to leave our hostel early and get to the Ben Gurion Airport before all the buses and trains stopped running.  IT was Friday and Shabbat was about to begin.  Our return flight to the US was scheduled around 12 midnight. It was Friday and we took the bus from the Allenby stop to reach the same train station we arrived at a week earlier from Jerusalem. From there we took the train to the Ben Gurion Aiport.

I remember the trip over to Tel Aviv lasted 15 hours from San Francisco.  The return travel took two hours longer, 17 hours to be exact!

Like I always do, I never say goodbye.  I merely say, "See you later!"

My favorite view of the Tel Aviv Promenade from Jaffa

 See you again soon Tel Aviv!

The Dizengoff Fountain

Modern Tel Aviv architecture

A vintage picture of Tel Aviv in the summer

I enjoyed food shopping in many stores in Tel Aviv! It really was fun reading the signs on the merchandise, all in Hebrew! I bought ice cream twice for desert and surprisingly they were not very sweet, which was good.   

Would you like some nuts?

Inside a mall early in the morning

Palestine Fried Chicken! I wonder what Colonel Sanders will say about this?

I remember seeing lots of fruit stands all over Israel.  Not only did they sell fruit, some made juice out of them right before your very eyes.  

It was warm and sunny on our last full day in Tel Aviv and swimmers and bathers were out in full force in the beaches along the Tel Aviv Promenade.  This was one end of the promenade developed with boutiques and restaurants.  

This was the area on the extreme end of the promenade which resembled a strip mall.  It had small boutiques, restaurants, and some name brand stores.