The Garden Tomb

26-Mar-2023 • Jerusalem Israel

Halfway through our stay in Jerusalem, we decided to visit the Garden Tomb, the place some historians believe is the real site where Jesus died and was buried. 

I remember us taking the local bus to get there one afternoon and then walking some through a very quiet humble residential district.  Little did we know that it was right next to the bus station we had gone to to catch the bus to go to the Mount of Olives a few days earlier. It is also walking distance from Damascus Gate.

Anyway, there was no admission fees to pay to enter.  Visitors though had the option to donate to help keep with the upkeep and maintenance.  The entire area was very small and the visit could be done in as little as half an hour or less. 

Some historians believe this is where Jesus was buried.

The sign on the wall painted in red paint means Jesus Christ, the Messiah.  The original sign can be located behind it under protective plaster.

I totally understand why a gate had to be placed  here.  Otherwise, crowds of people would be up and around touching it, sitting on it, laying on it and more had there been none.  While many pilgrims do observe the rules set to observe the sanctity of the holy place, not everyone does.  

A wine press in the vicinity

Underneath this glass floor is the stone dating back centuries.

Here's the main entrance to the Garden Tomb.

Skull Hill.  Some people believe this is the site where Jesus was crucified and died.