The Dead Sea

19-Mar-2023 • Dead Sea Israel

I must be the only one who went to the Dead Sea and not swim in it.  I did touch and feel the water. It was slimy.  Not that it was bad, it just felt that way.

We were advised not to take a dip more than 20 minutes in the water at each time.  I do know someone who floated on it for hours.  Another traveler told us that the water really stung. 

Anyway, I was most worried about the water getting into my eyes.  That was the reason why I didn't take a dip. 

Swim in the Dead Sea or not, I was thrilled to see it and now I can say that I've been.

Our Abraham tour took us to this resort to swim at the Dead Sea.

Me at the Dead Sea

That man standing by the railing is our friendly bus driver. He asked why we weren't swimming.  

It sure was a nice visit.  

There were tents galore at this resort.  

The goodbye sign from the Kalia Beach Resort

This camel took tourists for a ride around the resort.  For a fee, of course.