Masada National Park

19-Mar-2023 • Southern Judean Desert Israel

The Masada National Park sign by the entrance

I have to say, going to Masada was a dream come true.  It was an unbelievable feeling stepping foot on a place so historical.  For years we've heard of it, then finally, we were there. 

On our fourth day in Israel, we signed up for a tour to Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea offered by Abraham Tours.  It was wonderful.  More on Abraham Tours and their popular hostel in an upcoming blog post. 

Very early Friday morning, we went to the hostel's lobby where a big crowd had already gathered eagerly awaiting to travel to their respective destinations.  Our guide for the day was a bubbly and friendly young female Israeli college student named Mai who worked part time for Abraham tours leading groups to different points of interest in Israel.  

On this trip, Abraham Tours took us to the site and then left us on your own to explore.  Exactly how I wanted it to be.

Masada was not so far from Jerusalem.  Once we reached the national park, we bought our admission tickets which were not included in the tour.  We then had to watch a short film before we could go up via a cable car.  Once up there, we roamed around and then met the group right at the same spot where they dropped us off earlier in the morning once we were done touring.

Just a quick note for those with active bladders, there are restrooms by the ticket office and right in the park at the very top. 

I cannot remember the exact time we were given to spend here in Masada but it was sufficient. 

A view of the cable car arrival area at the top of the mountain

This is how the path looked as soon as we came out of the arrival hall.

Ruins of a tower

Oops, a duplicate of a picture I had already uploaded.  Sorry for this folks! 

Masada was deserted upon our arrival.  We had it all to ourselves.  Then the tour groups began arriving one by one.  Be sure to get there early to avoid the crowds.

Everywhere up in Masada, you will see walls of this type.  

What views!  

The ruins of a mosaic floor

Inside this building, we saw the remains of a painted wall and floor from the days when Masada was active and alive.

This is the wall I was talked about.

More paintings on the wall in another room now housed in the tiny museum like building.

I remember us taking the cable car down to our meeting place early to avoid the rush back to our tour bus.  There were after all not just our group but other groups as well visiting Masada.  Overall, it was a wonderful visit.  True, there were people but it never felt suffocating.  

Back at the main entrance to Masada National Park.  

It was quite cold up the mountain!

Here's a small scale model of Masada

The views of the surrounding areas from atop Masada was spectacular!