Remote Learning Again

11-Jan-2022 • San Francisco, California United States

After a Monday full of work beginning with a staff meeting at 9 am to calling parents up at 10 am, yesterday was no day off.  Just like my school district called it, Teacher Preparation Day really was preparation day for myself and my colleagues for the remote learning this week.

Having done it the entire school year last year, today's zoom class was a breeze.  It wasn't difficult at all.  In fact, all my students knew the drill from knowing how to behave during class time to attending prep classes with other teachers to doing homework after school.

With my school district in the news, being the only district in the entire county, to call classes off during the Omicron surge, I feel classes will resume next Tuesday, whether we teachers like it  or not.  There's just so much pressure from the government for my district to reopen classes lest they lose $2.5 million a day in school funding.  

After speaking with parents yesterday, I found out that there actually were two confirmed Covid cases from my class last week.  I just wonder how we're supposed to proceed next week if more infections arise in my class and in others.  Good if there's none, but what if there's plenty?  What do we do?  I'd like to know.  

So far, I hear a lot of people, government officials and doctors mostly, saying that in person learning is essential.  I agree, but if we are sick of Covid, what next?