Being Diabetic

9-Apr-2021 • San Francisco, California United States

I am not Diabetic nor am I Prediabetic based on my A1C and fasting glucose tests taken last May 2020.   

But, last January 2020, I had my wake up call when I received the results of my blood work and saw that my sugar level went up to 103 mg.  It was 4 mg over the limit putting me in the Prediabetic range.  I got so scared I immediately changed my diet and worked out twice as hard.

I knew beforehand that I had put my health at risk for Diabetis by the time I had the test to check my sugar level.  I knew I did because throughout 2019, I ate more than my fair share of sweets.  In fact, I regularly bought entire sheets of cake from my favorite bakeshop here in the city and this I did from April to December 2019.  Yes sir, it was one whole Mocca flavored sheet cake for me every two weeks.  And this was still separate from the tons of baklava I ate while in the Middle East and Athens plus all the chocolates I gobbled up over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Furthermore, I got really scared because I know someone who lost his eyesight from the disease.  I have many friends who have Diabetis and they take insulin shots daily.  Some even give themselves shots three times a day.  While there is medication to help control the illness, I still believe prevention is way better than taking medication if possible.  

It's been over a year now since I changed my diet and in all honesty I don't miss the white rice, the white bread, and the junk food I used to eat in large quantities.  I do have a hankering for cake now and then. 

I shall have my test again next month and I am hoping I am still well within the healthy range.